Must-Know Facts about Prodigy Lending Company in Keller, City


In Prodigy Lending Company, we are a huge team of home loan officers who are well trained and qualified. Since we are distributed across the entire country, we have a commitment of offering top-rated mortgage services making sure that all your needs are addressed. Due to existence of many home loan programs as well as lowest rates in Keller FHA loans, we will work for hand in hand with you in a mission of getting you a home loan which is customized to meet all your expectations and situation. 

In Keller City, it is no longer a big problem when you want to buy yourself a home, consolidate debt, refinance an existing loan or buy a dream house since we are a team of experienced loan officers and ready to help you find the best Keller FHA mortgage loan which has lowest rates possible. 

Obtain the Right Mortgage Loan in Keller 

Conforming Home Loan 

This kind of home loan has the following features:

  • Lower PMI than in FHA mortgage loans in Keller
  • Low down payment getting to up to about 3 percent 
  • Changing mortgage terms of about 30, 20,10 or 15 years 
  • No lender fees needed 
  • With approved scores, low rates of interest 

FHA Loans in Keller

FHA home loans have the following features:

  • Very attainable requirements making it easy for qualification
  • Relative low down payments
  • Interest rates are attractive 
  • Avails rehab loans 
  • Have a higher debt to income ratio

Veteran Administration Home Loans 

  • Funding of about 100 %
  • Include no Mortgage insurance 
  • Closing costs are ever low
  • It is quite easy to be qualified 
  • Have best rates for a government plan 

USDA Home Loans 

  • Funding of about 100 percent 
  • Very low-interest rates 
  • Low mortgage insurance costs
  • You have to get qualified for both income and home location 
  • No home deposits needed 

Our Top Mission 

As a team and one company, we are also committed to making sure that we create very outstanding and long-lasting relationship with all clients so that we can continue offering top services in Keller for a long period of time in future. We make sure that all your data and information is confidentially stored. 

To communicate to us, you are advised to call us through our line or simply make use of the tools available on our website. We are eager to work with you. 

The Prodigy Home Loan Lending Team 




We are grateful for having being awarded as the best workplace in the United States for the last eight years.

Obtain Best Rates for your Keller FHA Home Loan

We are currently known as the best private mortgage lending company in the United States. We are offering low-cost mortgage FHA loan in Keller. 

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