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About Prodigy Lending

Prodigy lending has been in the home loan industry for more than 17 years. We are present in every city in the United States of America. We have been focused on our work, and these have earned us acknowledgment as the best Top Work Place in the previous eight years. Our group of specialists has been working hard to enable the customers to get the home loan that best suits their needs. The first time home buyers in Grapevine can benefit from our products because we have competitive rates and reasonable down payments. Homeownership can be trying to first time home buyers as they may have insufficient information on the home loan. As prodigy lending, we provide all information regarding our home loans to ensure the client make the right choice. Those seeking to refinance, put together debts, or buy new homes can select our programs that meet their needs. We have different programs that can assist those looking to consolidate obligations, renegotiate their current home loans.

Conventional mortgages

The government does not sponsor conventional mortgages. It is reasonable for individuals who have significant financial assessments. Conventional mortgages have the following benefits;

  •  Decreased private home loan protection (PMI)
  •  10, 15, 20 or 30 years home loan terms
  •  Competitive loan costs
  •  No loan specialist charge
  •  Low initial installment

FHA mortgages

The adaptability of FHA advances regarding capability prerequisites makes it an incredible choice for home buyers. This is particularly the first time home buyers. The initial installment required is low and can be financed from grants and donations. Even though we expect clients to get PMI, the FHA credits have competitive financing costs. After moving into the new home, we have a program under FHA that will give remodel contracts. FHA mortgages have the following benefits;

  •  Low-financing costs
  •  Renovation contract choice
  •  3.5% upfront installment
  •  High obligation to-pay proportion
  •  Flexible capability prerequisites

VA mortgages

These are the home loans intended for veterans and officers all over the US. The VA loans offer 100% financing, making it a suitable alternative for those first time home buyers in Grapevine who meet the prerequisite. VA mortgages have the following benefits;

  •  Flexible advanced capability conditions
  •  Attractive loan cost
  •  Reduced closing cost
  •  No upfront installment
  •  Mortgage protection is not a necessity

USDA mortgage

The first time home buyers in Grapevine can own property through USDA loans. The borrowers will not need to pay the upfront installment as long as they are eager to buy a home in the endorsed area. Different advantages are:

  •  100% financing
  •  Competitive loan fees
  •  Reduced cost of home loan

Prodigy endeavors to create a strong bond with clients as they continually provide quality services. 

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