Best Home Loan Services in City of Burleson


Prodigy lending team

We have been ranked as the top workplace for almost a decade now. The team consists of some of the best mortgage professionals in the country whose work is to make sure a client always gives a positive rating on the services delivered, and how do they do this? The professionals always make sure a client doesn’t go home empty-handed,

A client is always awarded a mortgage program no matter how bad the credit score we always make sure a program is tailored specifically to meet your needs. We always make sure your home project is a success. We offer multiple loans at affordable and attractive rates than will not go beyond your budget. Don’t let buying a home be a big deal for you, simply give us a call and we will be there. Always feel at home when you visit us because you are at safe hands.



Privately insured loan program.

  • A client is demanded a low down payment of 3%.
  • Conventional loans come with low-interest rates with approved scores.
  • No lender fee on Conventional loans.
  • Conventional loans have Reduced PMI compared to FHA’s.
  • Flexible loan terms from a 10-year mortgage to a 30 Year Mortgage.


Government-backed loan program with easy qualifications.

  • A client who can put down a 3.5% down payment might qualify.
  • Clients who wish to get an FHA loan might benefit from another program like the Rehab loan program.
  • A higher Dept to Income ratio requirement must be met by a client.
  • Attractive loan rates with FHA loans.


Loan program for Veterans and other military personnel.

  • Low closing costs on VA loans.
  • VA loans are easy to qualify for due to few requirements.
  • Best rates for Government VA loans.
  • VA loans have no Mortgage Insurance demands.
  • VA loans financing is 100 with no down payment requirement.


The program is a benefit to suburban and rural residents that are eligible.

  • USDA loans financing is 100%.
  • USDA like VA loans has no down payment demands.
  • A low Mortgage Insurance cost is required from the borrower.
  • The loan comes with low-Interest rates for 100% loan.
  • To became eligible a client must qualify for Income and Home location requirement.

To meet our goal of maintaining a long-lasting relationship with our clients, we provide the best services to our clients who always refer a friend to us. Customer satisfaction is also one of our core principles as the Prodigy lending team. 

We always wish a client success that’s why we never sleep on our work. 

Speak to us any time you feel like, we always keep your information confidential.


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