Pace of new-home sales suggests steady housing strength

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The U.S. housing market is stabilizing near 10-year highs, according to government data July 26 that showed sales of new homes were slightly less than forecast. Pace of US New-Home Sales Suggests.

Pace of U.S. New-Home Sales Suggests Steady Housing Strength . The housing markets across the country haven’t been this stable in over a decade. The U.S. housing market is stabilizing near 10-year highs, according to government data Wednesday that showed sales of new homes were slightly less than forecast.

Pace of new-home sales suggests steady housing strength (Bloomberg) – U.S. purchases of new homes declined more than projected last month and were revised down in the prior period, showing the market returned to a less exuberant pace as the year drew to a close, according to government data Thursday.

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Despite some volatility in the month-to-month sales figures, October marks the sixth month in 2017 at an annual sales pace of more than 600,000. New home sales through October are running 8.9% higher than this time in 2016, in line with NAHB’s forecast.

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This by itself hardly suggests that. estimate of an annualized sales rate of 657,000 units now reported at 599,000. That the initial estimate topped expectations puts new-home sales at odds with.

The pace. has led to steady growth in new home sales this year, even as sales of existing homes has declined 1.5 percent, according to the National Realtors Association. "Through the volatility,

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Sales of new U.S. single-family homes fell more than expected in December, but lean inventories and steady price gains suggested the housing. strength in the economy. “It’s.

Also noteworthy is that the increase in new home sales is coming at a time when new home supplies are slipping. At the end of July 2012, there were just 142,000 new homes for sale nationwide. This is the smallest new home housing stock in at least 7 years, and a signal that buyers are buying homes faster than builders can build them.