Why False Claims Act enforcement is still vexing under Trump

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Trump administration vigorously enforcing false Claims Act: Study. "Enforcement of the FCA, although slightly less active during 2017 than 2016, shows little signs of a long-term letup," says the report. "To the contrary, the FCA remains a significant source of government-facing and private plaintiff litigation." The U.S.

Associate attorney general stephen cox stated at the 2019 Advanced Forum on False Claims and Qui Tam Enforcement, the DOJ is committed to its role as "gatekeeper," to prevent "non-meritorious" or "abusive" qui tam cases from going forward: Bad cases that result in bad case law inhibit our ability to enforce the False Claims Act in

Several hundred migrants have been returned to Mexico under the program after seeking asylum at the border. The ruling – a preliminary injunction at least temporarily stopping the program – paralyzes.

As discussed previously, efforts to curb fraud, waste and abuse are generally "bi-partisan." Given the significant monetary recoveries the Government enjoys through enforcement of the federal False Claims Act ("FCA"), we have predicted that efforts in this arena will continue under a Trump administration.

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And, of course, there is still hope that at. articles of impeachments under the “take care” clause and the “commander in chief” should be included in the case against Trump, whose budget cuts and.

The Trump administration, on the other hand, appears to have a decidedly different view on the False Claims Act, with HUD Secretary Ben Carson repeatedly saying that HUD is working with the DOJ on.

 · Nancy Pelosi claims she feels NO pressure to impeach Trump despite new poll saying two-thirds of Democratic voters want Congress to act against the president

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