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Giving the best is one of our core desires as a team; we have some of the best professionals in Mortgage services, so we guarantee that you won’t be disappointed with us. We have branches all over the country with Agents in every State in the United States all you need to do is pay us a visit and don’t hesitate to give us a call if you have a tight schedule, we will always send one of the officers to your place, we also have a site where you can also interact with one of our officers who will take you through the introductory part before you proceed to paperwork.

The team is self-driven to achieve excellence,



 A private mortgage plan insured by private lenders, best for clients with higher credit score of more than 620 FICO scores.

  • A borrower is to provide a 3% low down payment.
  • Compared to FHA loans Conventional loans have a reduced PMI.
  • Clients that have high credit scores are guaranteed low-interest rates on the loans.
  • No Lender Fees with Conventional loans.
  • Conventional loans have flexible loans terms – 10,15,20 or 30-year mortgages.


This program offers government-insured loans and guarantees loans for eligible clients.

  • The loan has relaxed eligibility terms, which make the loan is to qualify for.
  • It has attractive interest rates on it.
  • A client with a Higher Debt to Income ratio is likely to qualify for an FHA loan.
  • A low down payment of 3.5% is required by the client.
  • Other loan programs like the Energy Efficient Mortgage are also available with FHA loans.


A program from the national government through the United States Department of Veteran Affairs.

  • VA’s are fully financed for.
  • A borrower is not demanded to pay for a Monthly Mortgage Insurance with VA loans.
  • Eligibility requirements with VA’s are a bid relaxed which makes the loans easy to qualify for.
  • VA’s have low closing costs.
  • Government VA loans have the best rates on them.


A program for clients living in Suburban and Rural areas.

  • These loans are 100% financed for.
  • There is a low Mortgage Insurance Cost requirement with USDA loans.
  • No down payment requirements with USDA loans.
  • Low-interest rates on 100% of the loan.
  • Income and Home location requirements must be met by the borrower to qualify.

We are there to meet your mortgage needs, buy that home you always dreamt of and we promise to give you the best support you will always need when it comes to your home project.

The prodigy team for seventeen years has always been providing excellent services to its clients.


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