First American buying B of A mortgage lien release business

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We are the 4th lien holder in a property and trying to foreclose on the property. The first lien and the second lien is exactly the same amount so we believe the first lien should have been released. The mortgage company went out of business so it looks like the loan was sold to another mortgage company which also went out of business.

Almost $3B in Washington state HFA mortgage servicing rights for sale An institution that services housing finance authority loans is putting $2.65 billion in servicing rights from Washington state up for bid through the Mortgage Industry Advisory Corp. The Washington State housing finance commission must consent to the sale.

Question Details: I have an old mortgage that was paid off years ago. The discharge of mortgage or lien release was never filed with the county clerks office. I am trying to obtain a lien release for that mortgage but haven’t been able to find a way to contact the banks that issued that mortgage.

FDIC most likely can assist you in obtaining a lien release if you were the customer of a failed bank that went into an FDIC Receivership. To determine if FDIC might be able to provide your lien release, check to see if your bank was (acquired with government assistance):. Search BankFind

Will provide lien release services for bank. First American first announced the deal back in December, saying the transaction would be completed during the first quarter of this year. The major deal makes Bank of America’s lien release business and its employees part of First American’s mortgage solutions division. As part of the agreement,

Citi names Chubak to head consumer retail banking and mortgage

What Can I Do If My Mortgage Did Not Release a Lien?. Since mortgages can take 30 years or longer to pay off, the original mortgage company may have gone out of business. When a mortgage company goes out of business, a successor company usually takes over the accounts..

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First American Financial has entered an acquisition agreement that would enhance its offering of post-closing services. The company is acquiring Bank of America’s lien-release business and has.

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