FHFA adds to list of protected classes in inclusion rules

What are the rules and when do the rules not apply? Employers are prohibited from discriminating against job candidates by numerous federal and state laws. Employers should not include any reference to gender, marital/parental status, unemployment status, race, ethnicity, age, non-job related disability, national origin or religion in job advertisements.

Utah law now lists sexual orientation and gender identity as protected classes in housing and employment – but. “After RFRA,” said former Angie’s List chief Bill Oesterle, “that’s a horrible.

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To avoid fair housing violations and costly liability, landlords need to know what a protected class is, as well what characteristics constitute a protected class under the FHA. For example, rejecting an applicant because he’s from South America is illegal because the FHA bans discrimination based on national origin.

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Under the 2014 proposal, FHFA also proposed imposing ongoing minimum investment requirements on FHLBank members in order to maintain membership. Specifically, FHFA proposed that institutions would have had to maintain a certain percentage of residential mortgage assets.

For familial status protection to apply, the law requires that there be at least one person in a household under 18 years old. So, for example, a couple who’s looking to rent an apartment with their 18-year-old son isn’t protected (even if the son is still a high school student).

Congress passed the Civil Rights Act of 1988 which added more protected classes to the 1968 Law and gave greater punishments to those who broke the law. The protected classes of handicap and familial status were added in 1988. The seven protected classes became race, color, religion, national origin, sex, handicap and familial status.

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