Dems press HUD nominee on proposed budget cuts

On Friday, tenants, homeowners and activists came together in more than 15 cities across the U.S. to band against the proposed budget cuts to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

HUD Policy Proposals in President’s Budget Would Serve Fewer Families .. 2018 budget request for HUD to the House and Senate Appropriations committees. While Sec. Carson has stated that he believes HUD serves an important role in addressing poverty, the administration’s budget request.

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But Schumer stopped short of promising a filibuster against Gorsuch, saying instead that Trump’s nominee should meet a 60-vote threshold to get on the court. ADVERTISEMENT “We Democrats. HUD rule.

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Trump’s budget is a complete disaster. With so many cuts that would hurt Americans across the country, here are just a few of the many cuts to the Departments of Education, Commerce, Housing and Urban Development, and Commerce that Trump’s Cabinet secretaries have to try and defend as they testify before Congress.

budget proposal. The public housing capital fund would be reduced from $1.942 billion in FY17 to $628 million-a devastating 68% cut. The allocation for the operating fund would fall from $4.4 billion in FY17 to $3.9 billion. The budget (section 230) provides the HUD sec-retary with the authority to waive or set alternative

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A budget cut of up to $7.7 billion guarantees mass homelessness and premature death. rosemary holmes has lived in Newark’s Terrell Holmes for the better part of six decades. She, like many others.

Trump’s proposed budget cuts to HUD by the numbers in California By Lynda Carson – March 12, 2017 Oakland – In the Bay Area according to the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), the Oakland Housing Authority (OHA) has 13,422 federally subsidized housing units in it’s section 8 inventory, and 2,122 units in it’s low rent inventory, formerly known as public housing units.

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The washington city paper looked at how HUD’s proposed budget cuts would affect D.C. Public Housing, right in the nation’s capital where theses decisions are made.Here are the lowlights of the effects of budget cuts to the district. The district would lose about $10 million in subsidy and be left with $4.5 million to cover an at least one-billion-dollar need.